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The Indian engagement is the cherished first step in the journey towards marriage, a vibrant event that sets the tone for the celebrations to come. As a photography team, we relish the opportunity to get to know the extended family during this special occasion, capturing beautiful moments with everyone present. Understanding the family bonds is crucial to us, as it allows us to grasp the depth of connections between families, enabling us to truly capture the essence of the couple and their loved ones. This event marks the beginning of many joyous moments, and our storytelling captures from the engagement day reflect the love and unity that define this special time. Take a look at a few of our storytelling captures of the couple and families on the day of the engagement.


Mahima and Rohanth's engagement at Taj Westend Bangalore was nothing short of grandeur. The couple's impeccable style and grace made them look like show stoppers. It was a celebration of love and fashion that left everyone awe.

Krishna and Akash's engagement was a spectacular event held at two stunning locations: their farmhouse and the Conrad Hotel. We had the pleasure of bringing their families together, creating a heartwarming atmosphere that shone through in every photograph. The couple shots we captured at both locations turned out brilliantly, reflecting the love and joy of the occasion. From the rustic charm of the farmhouse to the elegance of the Conrad Hotel, every moment was beautifully documented, making their engagement truly unforgettable.


The Uttara Govind event at the Ritz Carlton was nothing short of a beautiful family gathering. We loved capturing the joyous moments shared among Uttara, Govind, and their family members. The elegant setting and warm atmosphere made for stunning photographs that reflect the love and connection within the family. It was a pleasure to document such a memorable event at such a prestigious venue.

Kshipra & Uttkarsh's love story spans a decade, and their chemistry was undeniable. Knowing them for 10 years, especially after capturing Uttkarsh's sister's wedding in 2014, made this experience even more special.

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