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Now Rent India's Most luxurious Studio.

Photo Studio

Designed for comfort and luxury, 

Rated the Best Studio in Bangalore. 

Comes with 

Wi-Fi connectivity 

Small pantry 

Complete air conditioning 

2 rooms - 6x6 large changing rooms 

10x25 green room 

18x30 studio area 

20x20 lounge area 

2 separate toilets for men and women 

Minchu studio is a 2600 sqft luxury studio completely air conditioned, perfect ambiance for you client, model, photographers etc 

The shooting area is 18ft in width, 12ft height with a length of 40ft.


Rated the Best Studio in Bangalore. 

Quality Equipment

We would like our fellow artists to concentrate on their craft while we provide the right tools, so they have one less thing to worry about.

People First

Building trust and relationships are what we value. If you need assistance, we are happy to lend a helping hand.

Accessible 24/7

Art doesn’t work from 9am-5pm. Crafting takes time. Therefore, our studio is open 24/7.

Book with us now
starting at Rs.1000/hour

with a wide range of modifiers and lighting kit! 

Light Equipment's

  • 1 set of Transmitter & Receiver

  • Light Meter SEKONIC L308

  • Ring light Yongnuo YN608C 

  • SK 400 - 2 Qty

  • Sk 600

  • Ad 200 

  • Rotalux Octa 135cm

  • Octa 170 cm

  • Parabolic 120

  • Strip 50/135 - 2 Qty

  • Beauty dish softlite white 70cm 82* with grid

  • Beauty dish silver 44cm 55* with grid

  • Standard reflector 21cm 50* nos4 with grid

  • Snoot with grid 15*

  • Video light 7led light holder - 2 Qty

  • 1k warm baby light - 2 Qty

Product table

  • Product tent 1x1 and 3x3  

  • Smoke machine

  • blower 

  • Polystand

  • Boom stand - 2 Qty

  • Background Green, white, Grey, pink, red, blue, orange, yellow, & Black Seamless paper (Backdrop Roll Colors)

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